Looking back at 2018.

Bernard and Fury peer at the engine bay which is filled with a planted up basket of nasturtiums

Well, what a year we’ve had in 2018! Here are a few reminders of what we’ve been doing. Of course in January, we had our panto, and we celebrated Burns’ Night!

In February Dim and Matilda had a romantic night out for Valentines, and Microvaark had a bit of a tumble skiing at the Winter Olympics! He took some defrosting, I can tell you!

In March, Peggy gave us a display of Irish dancing for St Patrick’s Day, and Ernest helped to make a paper organ pipe at the Guild of Makers launch. Makes a most amusing hoot. The pipe, not Ernest.

In April, we were surprised when Arnold announced he was going to cross America on his bike! And Fury had fun at a Makerfaire in Newcastle. She says she didn’t press the button…

In May we had lots of fun – there was Morris Dancing at our May Fete and we had a street party for the Royal Wedding. Any excuse for a party!

In June, we went and looked after a whole farm! We had a go at spinning, and Dim and Matilda frolicked in the shade of a tree making daisy chains.

In July, while Arnold celebrated Independence Day in America, Fury was considering a career in rocketry, but thought better of it. I don’t think there are enough snacks in space.

In August, Arnold briefly became a film star, but back at home we were busy setting up the stage and equipment for Vaarklife ‘18.

Of course, September started with Vaarklife, and we had so many bands, but the highlight was Arnold’s return! And then after that we went on holiday to another farm, where Fury found a tractor even she couldn’t fix.

In October we got an amazing gift, all the way from Australia, a real radio! And there was also a skateboarding craze when Winston opened his Skate Shack.

We started November with our Bonfire and Firework display, complete with special centrepiece. And we ended it with a new, very tiny, friend, Nano!

December of course is a very busy month, with making and baking of all sorts. And we found 25 little things to decorate our special Advent Tree!

What a wonderful year we had. Here’s to even more adventures in 2019. Happy New Year!

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