Dim’s Big Question

Dim and Matilda sit on a patchwork rug, with a tartan thermos, a plate of sandwiches and a plate of doughuts

This year, for Valentine’s Day, Dim and Matilda have decided to go for a romantic country walk. Matilda wanted to wear her nice new winter coat. They enjoyed strolling through the woods.

“Oh look!” said Matilda, “Snowdrops! How Pretty!” So they decided that was a good spot to stop for their picnic lunch. Dim had come prepared with a nice hot flask of tea.

After lunch, Matilda asked if she could help pack everything up, but Dim said, no, it was alright, he’d do it.

Dim packs the thermos away in his rucksack

“Where next?” asked Matilda. Dim said he had a surprise planned, they just had to walk a little further.

Matilda talks to Dim

Oh, what’s this? A posh Country Club? Dim explained that he’d booked them in for afternoon tea, how lovely!

The head waiter greeted them and offered to take their bags and coats. While Matilda was distracted, Dim whispered something to the waiter.

It’s a lovely cosy room – wood panelling, a roaring log fire, pretty china on the table. They looked at the menus, and opted for the full afternoon tea for two.

Well, look at that! A whole trolley full of tea, and sandwiches and eclairs and scones and cakes! How lovely! Matilda said it was the nicest tea she’d ever had.

They soon polished off the sandwiches and most of the cakes, but Dim seemed a little distracted. Oh, it’s the waiter again, and his trolley seems quite heavy this time!

What’s THAT!

The trolley has a black jewellery box on top

Oh! Oh! A ring! Dim asked Matilda, “Will you marry me?”

The box opens to reveal a silver and jewelled ring. Dim moves to be next to Matilda

Dim looked at Matilda, and Matilda looked at Dim…

Matilda looks down at Dim

She said yes! How lovely! We’re going to have a wedding!

Dim and Matilda embrace, and she wears the ring on her snozzle.

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