Molten Metal!

Fury looks at a model of an axe being laid on the sand

Fury here. I went to Warrington FabLab to have a go at casting metal in sand. Funny looking folk over there.

Fury looks at a warning sticker of a face in a gas mask

First thing you have to do is push some special sand through a sieve to get the lumps out. Then you pack it into a metal frame, like making a sandcastle.

Then you put the thing you want to make a cast of onto the surface of the sand, and put another frame on top and fill that with sand too.

Then, when you lift the top frame off, very carefully, and pick out the model of the thing, you’ve got a hole the exact same shape in the sand! This is going to be an axe!

there is a hole in the sand the shape of the axe

There’s a hole, to pour the metal into. What do you mean you can’t pour metal? You can, when you’ve turned the heat up to gas mark 21!

And in goes the metal! You know the mould is full, when you see the metal in the second hole. Now, it has to cool down for 24 hours. I’m hoping they’ll send us a picture of the finished thing!

Anyway, after all that hard work, we needed some dinner, so we went to IKEA. Now, which to have, meatballs with JAM?! or chicken and chips? Or perhaps, a nibble of each…

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