Checking out a new motor.

Fury lies under the edge of the car with her torch

Fury here. So, the humans went out yesterday and got a new car. Well, new to them. So I thought I better give it a look over. Engine first.

Fury, in overalls, sits on the top of a car engine

Got me torch out to have a proper look. Got to get into all the nooks and crannies, right?

OK, what’s it like underneath? Well, it’s a bit muddy, but it looks alright.

Fury lies under the edge of the car with her torch

Ah, 4×4, that might explain the mud. And it goes all the way up to 6! Nice!

Fury examines the gear knob

Now the important part. Snack storage. Seems to be well provided, excellent.

Boot’s nice and big, room for me tools and stuff. And access to the cabin via a tunnel, cool! Needs a bit of sweeping out though, reckon it lived on a farm or something!

Soon get some tunes going with this. I’ll get all me AC/DC CDs out. Oh, and a bit of treasure I found cleaning up. I think it’ll do fine.

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