One a penny, two a penny.

All the vaarks line up watching the toaster with a hot cross bun in it

I was out for a walk when I came across something the humans bought yesterday. Hot Cross Bun cheese! And suddenly, I remembered it’s Hot Cross Bun day!

I asked Mrs Human where the buns were and she said there was no way we were going anywhere near the toaster after last time, but if we were good, she’d toast one for us.

Ratvaark looks straight at the camera

So we queued up politely and waited for the bun to toast. Alan and Nano had never had a Hot Cross bun before so they were very excited. In fact, Arnold had to step in and stop Nano getting too close!

We were very glad when it was all toasted and buttered for us. Nano said it was the best bun he’d ever tasted, and what were we having?

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