Where’s that egg?

Fury looks at part of a sign that says This Way

Mrs Human told me she’d been too busy to hide lots of Easter eggs for us to find, but she’d hidden one big egg for us to share, so I called a meeting and we decided to split up and search.

The vaarks are all gathered on the kitchen worktop

Nanovaaark said he knew egg-actly where it would be. But when he asked the chick, she said there was no Easter Egg in her coop.

I thought it might be in the shed, but no, there was nothing but plant pots.

Ratvaark looks in his shed

Alan wondered if it would be behind one of the rocks in the rock garden, but all he found was pretty flowers.

Alan looks behind a rock in the rockery

Microvaark went to look under the Bonsai tree, where it was nice and shady, but no egg.

Microvaark looks under the bonsai tree

Vincent and Hypno thought it might be on the 3D printer, but there was nothing there.

Vincent and Hypno look around the 3D printer

Peggy said it was bound to be around the sewing machine, so she and Gino went to look, but all they found was a bobbin.

peggy and gino look at the sewing machine

Esther hoped to find it among the paints, and it was all very colourful, but no egg.

Esther looks in a drawer of tubes of paint

Ernest and Tessa thought it might be under the cupcake patterned cover, but when Ernest lifted the fabric, it was just the food processor.

Ernest lifts a fabric cover and tessa looks at the food processor beneath

Arnold looked, very carefully, in the oven, but it was empty.

Arnold looks into the oven

Ofelia and Mary went to the pantry, and they found some eggs, but only normal ones. Mary said that in Welsh, egg was ‘wy’, and they were looking for a ‘wy pasg’ made of ‘siocled’.

Ofelia and Mary look at a bowl of eggs in the pantry

Dim and Matilda went out to the flower garden but then Dim said Matilda was a beautiful as a flower, and they got distracted.

Fury thought she’d found a huge clue in the wood workshop but it turned out to have nothing to do with eggs.

Winston said he was going to look in the room with all the junk in it, but all he found was, well, junk.

Winston sits on a box of assorted junk

Bernard thought about it, and wondered if there were any books on egg hunting, so he went to look. No. No. Hang on…

He found it! He was very excited and called us all to see. It’s dairy free, so we can share it with Mr Human, which is a bit of a blow, but never mind, there’ll be plenty to go round! Happy Easter everyone!

All the vaarks look at the easter egg

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