Looking for The Dress

Matilda looks at a dress with a very full ruffled skirt

Now that the date for the wedding is set, there’s a lot to do! Matilda asked all the girls to help her look at dress designs online.

Matilda talks to Fury, Esther, Ofelia, Peggy and Mary, in front of a laptop

Peggy liked a simple straight look, and Ofelia spotted a sweet lacy style with a floaty skirt that was very pretty.

Matilda asked Fury what she thought of this one. Fury said it looked like a candle that had melted on a hot plate.

Fury and Matilda look at a picture of a skirt with a train that drapes on the floor around the model’s feet.

Esther said this one with lacy sleeves was very dramatic. Ofelia asked Fury if she was OK? Fury said “How can there be so many flipping dresses to look at?”

In the end, Matilda decided she liked a full skirted traditional style. She’s always liked meringue.

Matilda looks at a dress with a very full ruffled skirt

“Now”, Matilda said, “Let’s talk about bridesmaid dresses…” “I’m off!” said Fury!

Matilda and the others look at bridesmaid dresses, as Fury runs away.

2 thoughts on “Looking for The Dress”

  1. What a wonderful day… looking at wedding dresses and the day becomes real! It’s going to be grand! Poor Fury is feeling the stress already!

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