Fury escapes a frock!

Fury has a word in Matilda’s ear

Matilda called Fury, Esther and Ofelia into our lounge to show them the material she’s chosen for the bridesmaid dresses!

Esther, Fury and Ofelia look at some pale green fabric on the table in front of Matilda

Fury said, could she have a word? Only, that’s really not her colour, in fact she’s not keen on frocks generally. She thinks she can find something more useful to do than be a bridesmaid.

Fury has a word in Matilda’s ear

Matilda said that was fair enough, so Fury scooted off, and left them admiring the silky feel of the cloth.

Esther feels the fabric draped over her snozzle as Matilda and Ofelia admire it.

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