Stags and Hens!

Matilda has a veil and an L plate as well as the sash.

Well, Matilda and the girls went out today for her ‘hen do’. They all went to a country house for a spa day. Matilda made sure they all had sashes, and they got her a veil and an L plate to wear!

First of all, they had a relaxing Yoga session. Well, Esther said she’d pass on that because once she lies down, her shell makes it awkward to get up again. Mary said she didn’t want to take her hat off and Fury said she couldn’t say Om without giggling.

Peggy, Ofelia and Matilda lie on mats on the floor in various positions.

After the Yoga, Peggy wanted to try the Special Botanicals Face Masque. Matilda said it put her in mind of wanting a sandwich.

Matilda looks at Peggy who is lying on a couch with a slice of cucumber over her face.

Then it was time for the sashes to come off for a soak in the Hot Tub! Mary and Esther stayed dry – both claimed to be too ticklish for the bubbles.

Peggy, Fury, Ofelia and Matilda sit in a bubbling hot tub

All out of the tub and wrapped up in fluffy towels, it was time to open the champers!

All wrapped in towels, the girls look at the large bottle of champagne

Meanwhile, Winston had arranged a stag outing for the lads. We wondered why he’d brought us to a hilly field.

All the lads are gathered in a field looking at Winston

Oh! It’s an off-road driving experience! There’s a quad bike to hire! In fact, there’s all sorts of vehicles to drive about in.

Winston appears riding a quadbike

Vincent liked the tractor, and Ernest enjoyed giving Micro and Nano a lift! I liked the quadbike myself.

There was even a motorbike just right for Micro, and Nano had a whale of a time in the digger!

Back at the Spa, Fury said she was sure she could hear a lot of noise, and wanted to check it out.

Fury peers out of the door at the spa

Oh! We’ve all been at the same place and didn’t know it! Well, Fury’s not going to pass up a go on a quadbike!

Now that we’re all here together, we might as well get together for a little buffet party, eh?

All the vaarks gather inside around a buffet table laden with treats.

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