An out of this world Halloween!

Ratvaark has put a light inside a tint carved pumpkin

Whooooosh, whooooosh

Hello! It’s time for our Sci-Fi themed Halloween fancy dress party! I’ve come as The Doctor (Tom Baker era!). Do you like my TARDIS? It’s bigger inside, so there’s lots of room for snacks!

Ratvaark peers out of the open tardis door

Anyway, I seem to be first here, so I better check everything is alright, and put the light inside the pumpkin! I wonder who will get here next?

Oh hello Hypno! You’ve come as Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon! Very good!

Hypno appears dressed as Ming the Merciless

Yes, I know they look like pumpkins, but they’re actually chocolate! How cool is that?

Ratvaark and Hypno look at a pyramid of chocolates wrapped in orange foil

Hey Ernest! You’ve come as a Cyberman! One of my oldest opponents! It’s a good thing you’re not a real one or I’d have to battle you!

Oh, Dim! Have you only just got up? Oh, I see! You’re Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Well, it looks like a very comfortable costume. I hope you know where your towel is? Oh! Oh, I see you do!

Ah, I see Ernest has found the chocolate pumpkins!

Ernest picks up a chocolate pumpkin

So anyway Dim, you’re here, where’s Matilda? Who’s she coming as?

Ratvaark and Ernest tak to Dim, as Matilda appears in the background

What do you mean “Don’t blink?”

Matilda has come closer behind Ratvaark


Oh! Oh, Matilda you startled us! I see, you’re a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Um. Did they have glittery wings? Oh, ok. Yes, I suppose costumes are always better with a bit of glitter.

Matilda talks to ratvaark

Peggy! Or should I say Princess! I like your hairdo. And Gino! Very imposing as Darth Vader. Very… menacing.

Yes, Peggy, those are chocolate eyeballs! Gruesome, eh?

Peggy points to the dish of eyeballs

Gino says those aren’t really scary eyes… These are! Oh my goodness, so many eyes! I can’t look!

Gino brings in a dish of buttons (vaark eyes are made from buttons) and everyone is startled

Dim says the green eyes remind him of someone….

Dim looks at the dish of buttons

Oh, of course, it’s Esther! She’s come as Yoda, what magnificent ears! Ha ha, she’s having a mock battle of the Force with Darth Vader.

Now, I wonder who’ll arrive next…. What’s that funny noise? Ah! It’s Captain Kirk and Mr Spock beaming in!

Fury and Bernard have beamed in

Why did you two decide to come as a duo? Ah, Bernard says “It was purely logical”.

Beep beep! Hello, here’s R2D2! That’s a very good costume, but who…? Oh, Micro, it’s you!

R2D2’s head does make a rather good dish to hold a stash of chocolates, it’s true!

Micro has gathered some chocolates in the top of R2

Micro says he likes the way R2 matches his colours. Talking of blue, he says, who is Arnold coming as?

Micro talks to ratvaark

Oh! Arnold has come as Jake from Avatar! No body paint needed! He’s just glad we’ve got the heating on, that costume is a bit skimpy!

Micro and Ratvaark look at Arnold who is dressed as a character from avatar

Bernard is asking if I know what costume Nano has chosen… Yikes! He’s come as a Facehugger from Alien!

A close up of nano in costume

Nano! Don’t do that to Dim! Oh, it’s ok. He’s just getting a lift over the to table, so that he can tackle a chocolate eyeball!

So anyway, Fury, how are you enjoying… Um, what are you looking at? What’s behind me?

Ratvaark talks to Fury, who looks distracted

EXTERMINATE! Good grief Ofelia you startled me! My most constant adversary, the Dalek!

Ofelia appears dressed as a Dalek

You’ve worked very hard on that costume Ofelia, well done. You’ve even got a slightly familiar looking eye!

Well, are we all here yet? No, hang on.. What’s that! A DeLorean just appeared from nowhere!

A Delorean car appears in the room

It’s Winston and Vincent, as Doc Brown and Marty McFly, Back to the Future. It’s odd, the first thing they said was “Finally we got it right!” Apparently, they’ve already been early twice and late once!

Winston, dressed as Doc Brown, and Vincent dressed as Marty McFly with a skateboard get out of the car

Well, now we’re all here, and enjoying the party. Apart from the snacks, we’re bobbing for apples and enjoying looking at each others’ costumes.

Everyone is enjoying bobbing for apples

So I’ll say goodnight – I hope you’ve enjoyed our party, and if you’ve had your own that it went well too!

Ratvaark talks to the camera

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