It’s Bonfire Night again!

Arnold lights the bonfire which glows red

We’re just having a little bonfire and firework display this year, and of course Arnold is in charge. He’s checked the bonfire for hedgehogs and the like, and we’ve all gathered to watch.

Ooh, it’s lit up nicely! Just the thing on a cold evening. Nano decided the safest way to watch was to sit in Peggy’s handbag.

First of all, Arnold’s lit the Roman Candles. Don’t they look nice, like sparkly fountains. And quiet too. All our fireworks are quiet, so as not to scare anyone.

Arnold lights a row of roman candles

Now for the Catherine Wheel. We love the way it whizzes round.

A little break for sparklers – Ernest and Vincent are just waving theirs around, but Fury always likes to write her name.

And now, the finale – rockets! Oooh! Aaaahhh! Ooooooooh! We hope you’ve enjoyed our fireworks, and had a safe November the 5th!

A blue rocket has a spiralling tail

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