Advaark Day 19

The fruit has been put into a pudding mould, winston pats it down with the spoon as vincent sits on the spoon to add weight

Hello, what’s going on here Winston? You’re going to make Christmas Pudding. I didn’t know you knew how!

Winston and Vincent are standing in front of a big bowl, with some dried fruit and a wooden spoon

Well, he says, it’s easy. You get some dried fruit, and pour it in a bowl, then you add some booze.

Don’t forget the gold coin, says Vincent!

vincent pops a gold chocolate coin into the bowl

Then, says Winston, you bung it in the mould, and smush it down well. You jump up and down on the spoon Vinnie. Then we put it on a plate, and we just lift the pot off…

Oh. That don’t look right. It’s a bit… loose.

The mould is lifted and all the fruit just flops out onto the plate. Winston looks disappointed

Ah, here’s Ofelia, she knows about cooking. Apparently, there’s a bit more to it than just fruit. Never mind.  We can eat the fruit. And that coin won’t go to waste….

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