Advaark Day 3

Peggy ties a bit of ribbon to tighten the paper between the tubes

Ernest, Peggy and Gino are going to show you how to make a Christmas cracker! You’ll need two toilet roll tubes, nice paper, little bits of ribbon, sticky tape, glue, and things to put in – a hat, a joke, a gift and a snap if you have one. We’re having a quiet cracker.

Ernest peggy and gino have gathered the things to make a cracker

Cut one of the tubes in half with scissors. Do be careful doing this!

Ernest uses the scissors to cut one tube in half crossways

Lay the long tube in the middle of the paper with the stuff inside, and a short piece at each end, and roll it up and stick it with a bit of tape. Remember to leave room between the tubes to tie the paper!

Tie a little bit of ribbon around the paper between the tubes to pull it in tight. Now the cracker is done, but we’re going to add a little cut out of some holly to decorate it. Put a dot of glue on the cracker…

Peggy and Gino hold the cracker as Ernest gets tube of superglue

Gino is making sure the motif is well stuck down. Careful Gino, you don’t want to get glue… Oh! Oh dear. We better go off and get something to get that glue off with!

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