Advaark Day 6

Nano is sitting on a tiny sledge

We’re enjoying some winter sports today! Because in vaark world, we can have snow whenever we like!

The vaarks are gathered with skis and sledges on a snowy landscape

Fury is a wizz on the snowboard, she’s fearless and can do all sorts of tricks.

Fury is riding a red snowboard

Nano’s never seen snow before, so he’s especially excited. He says sledging is the best thing!

Nano is sitting on a tiny sledge

Dim’s remarkably coordinated at skiing, given he’s normally a bit clumsy, And he’s even colour coordinated his sweater and skis!

Dim is skiing on red skis wearing his red sweaters

Gino and Peggy decided to go skating rather than skiing, but I’m not sure Gino has quite got the hang of it!

Peggy and Gino are on a shiny ice rink, wearing skates, but Gino has fallen on his back and has his feet in the air

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