Advaark Day 7

Arnold is trying to crack a walnut in some nutcrackers

Ooh, look, Hypno has bought a big bag of nuts! Can’t have Christmas without nuts.

Hypno, Anold and Fury are looking at a net bag of nuts in shells

Arnold is good and strong, so he said he’d crack the walnuts. Hmm, it’s a bit harder than he thought.

Maybe Fury’s FBH (Flippin’ Big Hammer) will do the trick. Hmmm, no, that didn’t work.

Fury hits the nut with her hammer, to no effect

Fury says, Hang on, I’ve seen something in the kitchen that might do. I’ll go fetch it.

Arnold and Hypno look on as Fury disappears off out of shot

Goodness, is that…? Yup. It’s the Chinese cleaver!

Yes, Arnold and Hypno, I think standing well back is a very good idea!

Fury takes aim with the cleaver on the nut

Success! Split it right down the middle! Tuck in!

All three look at the walnut which is split neatly in half

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