Advaark Day 10

Ratvaark and Ofelia start to ice biscuits while Vincent waits

Ofelia is keeping a careful eye on the oven. She’s baking some ginger biscuits, to decorate.

Ofelia stands in front of the oven looking through the door at some biscuits baking inside

Now, they are all baked. Time for some of us to have a go at icing them We’ve got red and white icing, to match my sweater!

Ratvaark, Ofelia and Vincent sit on a chopping board with three plain biscuits and two tubes of icing, one red, one white

We’ve only got two tubes of icing. Vincent said he was happy to wait, but then he got a bit bored, so he said he was going to see if he could find some more.

Well there we are, all very pretty. Ofelia says Vincent’s is very delicate, but… well, it smells a bit odd. Where did you get your icing Vincent?

Oh, he says, well, some was in the kitchen and some in the bathroom!

Vincent shows two tubes – one is tomato puree, the other is toothpaste

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