Advaark Day 11

Dim holds the wreath while Matilda weaves in some conifer

Dim and Matilda are going to make a Christmas wreath today. They’ve gathered some greenery, some garden wire and some little fake berries.

Dim and Matilda look at a pile of greenery, wire and berries.

First of all, they twist the ivy into a ring, and while Matilda holds it, Dim winds some wire around to hold it in place. Then Dim holds it, while Matilda weaves in some pieces of conifer.

Now for the holly, which is a bit prickly, so Dim uses some pliers to hold it. And then for a finishing touch, the gold and red berries.

It’s quite good, says Matilda, but I think there’s something missing, don’t you Dim? Dim agrees, it needs… There! That’s livened it up a bit!

Matilda has added some mini party ring biscuits to the wreath.

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