Advaark Day 13

Hypno’s stall has paper chains, wreaths, cards, and rolls of wrapping paper and stockings hanging up

Well, today’s the day we’re having our Christmas Market! So many stalls to look round!

The vaark christmas market is set up, with little cabins for stalls, and all the vaarks wearing scarves or sweaters are mingling

There’s Winston’s Emporium, where you can buy all sorts of gifts. Ernest is always keen to see what new stock Winston has, although, no, he doesn’t need a clock thankyou.

Ofelia is running the food stall this year, with all sorts of treats! Micro and Nano can hardly choose! They do like the look of the Smarties, so colourful. I say you can’t beat a nice big chocolate coin.

Ratvaark buys a large chocolate coin from ofelia

Peggy is all set up to serve Gluhwein and other nice hot drinks. You need a hot drink to keep you warm at a market like this.

Esther talks to Peggy who is running a stall selling mulled wine with barstools set up at a counter

Ah Hypno, you’ve got loads of decorations this year, are those the stockings Peggy made? Very good! And here’s Ernest to stock up on wrapping paper and a wreath.

We’ve got live music this year – well, it’s Dim, busking. I think he’s doing quite well. The accordion adds a lovely continental touch!

Dim is playing an accordion with a hat at his feet with coins in it.

I see the Hot Drink stall is busy! It’s a good opportunity to have a sit down and a rest. Shopping can be very tiring!

Ernest and Nano are at the Gluhwein stall, Nano is sitting on one of the bar stools

Ah, I think Dim has finished playing now, I wonder what he’s going to spend his hatful of coins on? Oh, I see. I think that’s Matilda’s present.

Ernest thinks he’s got everything now, but he’s wondering if Ofelia has any special treats he might want. She says she has just the thing for him. Oh! Oh yes, if anyone can eat a Curly Wurly it’s Ernest!

And now, it’s getting dusk, so it’s time for Arnold to do the big Switch-On. There, aren’t the lights pretty! We’re going to enjoy shopping well into the evening!

The vaarks mingle in a dusk scene with the lights on

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