Looking back over 2019.

As the 2019 comes to an end, we’re all going to choose our favourite moments of the year.

Bernard enjoyed setting up his rock garden, and also when we visited Snailvaark and friends, because Tali the molevaark showed him around the courgette plants.

Ernest was very proud to be Dim’s Best Vaark at the wedding, and also to have rescued Nano from the overflow when the popcorn machine went crazy!

ernest is holding the ring for dim, both dressed in tuxedos

Esther remembers having a big wiffle-hug with cousin Snailvaark on our visit to Wales. And then there was that lovely sunny day out in Halifax, exploring the Piece Hall.

Fury was on hand to check out the mechanicals when the humans got a new car, but her proudest moment was when she ran the steam traction engine to power the Ferris Wheel at the fete.

fury investigates a car engine

Gino says he really enjoyed helping to make the Christmas crackers, once he’d got the motif unstuck from his nose.

gino has the motif from a cracker stuck to his nose

Hypno had a great time running a stall at the Christmas Market, but even better was playing in the band Europe at Vaarklife!

Matilda says nothing will top the moment Dim proposed, and she was so happy when they finally joined the broken biscuit.

Dim says he was overjoyed when Matilda said yes, and will never forget their first dance at the wedding reception.

Micro says weddings are all very well, but he got a bike this year and that’s hard to beat!

micro admires a bike on Winston’s market stall

Nano is super proud of his Christmas sweater, and says he looks forward to getting many more outfits. He also really enjoyed driving a digger on the lads’ Stag Day out.

Ofelia had great fun dressing up as a Dalek for our Halloween party, and was happy to be able to share a bit pan of paella with the alien who arrived at Vaarklife.

Peggy loved meeting up with her cousin, and making her a dress. But she says the cucumber facial as the girls’ spa day was very relaxing.

Peggy lies on a couch with a slice of cucumber over her face

Vincent says there was just one highlight for him – playing Bowie!

Vincent is dressed as David Bowie

Winston’s totted up his accounts and says it’s been a successful year again. Investing in that market stall was a good move.

Arnold is just happy nobody got hurt!

Arnold sets off fireworks behind a safety tape

And me? Well, I’ve just enjoyed it all. But especially meeting up with friends – including our crocheting facebook pals, our friends in Wales, Sonning Bear and his friends on the boat, and all of you here online. Thank you for joining us, and here’s to next year!

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