An egg-siting hunt!

Gino looks at an egg sitting among the spines of books on a shelf

Welcome to our Easter Egg hunt! We’re off all over the house to see what we can find!

Esther went straight to that drawer in the kitchen the humans keep random things in, and she was right!

Esther finds a mini easter egg in a measuring spoon in a drawer of odds and ends

Peggy had a hunch about the box of threads in the workroom, and sure enough, there was an egg hiding there.

Peggy sits in a tray of sewing threads, with an egg balanced on one of the reels

Matilda sniffed about in the drawer of random-jewellery-for-crafting-with and found something that wasn’t a bead!

matilda finds an egg nestled among a necklace of big beads

Dim put on his hoodie and scarf and had a search in the fridge, and there it was, sitting on the Flora.

(Dim, in hoodie and scarf, looks at an egg in the fridge

Gino perused the bookshelves, and besides some interesting books, he found an egg!

Gino looks at an egg sitting among the spines of books on a shelf

Ofelia opened the Tupperware cupboard very carefully, and none of the containers fell out! AND she found an egg.

Ofelia looks at an egg tucked amongst a lot of plastic containers

Bernard ventured outside to the garden, and found an egg pretending to be a strawberry!

bernard looks at an egg tucked among the leaves of a strawberry plant

Arnold climbed up on to the car, and found one sitting on the windscreen wiper. Good job it hadn’t rained or that egg would have gone flying!

Arnold sits on the windscreen wiper of a car looking at an egg

Microvaark decided to explore the dolls’ house, and found his egg in the bathroom basin!

Microvaark looks up an egg sitting in a dolls house basin

Winston found one when he went to check his stock. He says he doesn’t remember putting that in there!

Winston finds an egg in his suitcase of dodgy watches

Vincent found one in the oven. He thinks the oven might have been on recently…

vincent looks at an unwrapped egg that has partially melted into a puddle of chocolate

Fury found one in Harriet Board‘s workshop, but was really more interested in the bandsaw.

Fury has found an egg, but is looking at a miniature model of a bandsaw in a miniature workshop

Hypno went exploring and found one printed out on the 3D printer. He didn’t know it could do chocolate!

hypno sits on the bed of a 3D printer, looking at an egg formed under the nozzle

Nano found a MASSIVE one, among the tomato seedlings in the spare room. He wonders if it grew there.

Nano sits in a tray of seedlings dwarfed by a little chocolate egg

Ernest hit the jackpot. Not just an egg, but a big pack of toilet roll too!

Ernest looks at the 24 roll pack of toilet roll on a shelf, with an egg perched in front

So, where shall I look? I know, my shed!

Ratvaark looks at his little green shed

Oh! Hello! I say, have you seen any Easter Eggs in there. Hello? Did you hear me? Hello?

Ratvaark opens the door to find a foil wrapped rabbit inside

Oh! Even better than an egg! A whole bunny! Bingo!

Ratvaark reads “Milk Chocolate Bunny” on the side of the foil

Well, that was fun AND we’ve all got chocolate to enjoy! Happy Easter to you all!

All the vaarks gather around the chocolate bunny

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