The Grand Opening!

The vaarks turn to listen to Winston.

It’s today! Everyone is wondering what we’re going to find out. Ah, here’s Winston.

The vaarks turn to listen to Winston.

Nano is enquiring whether there will be any snacks. Winston says it’s all in hand. And if we’d like to follow him, it’s just a short walk.

Nano asks Winston a question.All the vaarks follow Winston.

Can you see anything through the knot hole Hypno? No, it’s not big enough….

Hypno and Ernest are next to a wooden fence, with Hypno trying to look through a knot hole.

Well, this seems to be it! Winston’s all set up for the unveiling. Nano is hoping it’s a biscuit factory.

All the vaarks are gathered at a corrugated metal gate in the fence. A sign on top of the gate is covered with a cloth.

Nano talks to microvaark

So, with a flourish, Winson pulls the cloth off the sign.

Winston starts to pull the string to remove the cloth

The cloth starts to pull away revealing the letters W and Us on one side of the sign

The cloth pulls further to reveal Wins and Used

The cloth is almost off and we can read Winston and Used ca

Ta da! He’s bought a used car lot! He says it’s always been his dream business. So, let’s all go in and have a look!

With the cloth off, the sign reads Winston’s Used Cars

Winston opens the gates and they all go in.

And now he’s open, Vincent can put out the whirly-round Car Sales sign.

Well look at this! Lots of forecourt space, and a little sales cabin. All very convenient. And he’s got set up with some good stock by the look of it.

The vaarks spread out looking at the cars in the yard. A little cabin has a sign saying Sales Office

The vaarks look at the cars

Ofelia wonders if many latest models have starting cranks these days, but she’s not going to say anything.

Ernest and Ofelia look at a very old fashioned truck with a sign on it saying “Latest Model”

Peggy likes this one, as long as the mileage really is low!

Peggy looks at a blue car with a sign saying “Low Mileage”

Bernard thinks there’s something for every budget.

Bernard looks at a tiny yellow car priced at £135

Vincent is explaining that he is Valeting and Services Manager. In other words, he washes the car and sweeps the yard. And Fury looks after all the mechanicals and does any servicing or welding needed.

Ratvaark talks to Vincent who has a bucket and sponge.

Fury is doing some welding on a car

Bernard asks if he can see in the office, so Winston takes him to have a look.

Bernard and Winston go into the sales office

Well, it all looks very professional in here, says Bernard. I see you’ve got all the IT covered.

In the office is a desk with a laptop and desk organiser on it, a noticeboard and calendar on the wall, and a hat rack with Winston’s pork pie hat hanging on it.

Yeah! says Winston, just look at thi… Oh! That’s Vincent playing again!

Winston opens the laptop to find it showing a Solitaire screen

Anyway, I can use this to find new stock, and keep on top of all me paperwork.

Bernard and Winston look at the laptop which shows cars for sale on Ebay

There’s a noticeboard, where Winston can keep notes, and all the keys for the motors.

Bernard looks at the notice board, where bits of paper are pinned up and keys hang on hooks.

But Winston says, he’s most proud of his executive toy. It proves he’s made it!

Winston shows Bernard the Newton’s Cradle executive toy on the desk

Outside again, Nano says it’s all very impressive, but is there anything else he’d like to show us? Anything… edible?

Outside, Nano talks to Winston

Oh yes! Winston’s laid on a special Grand Opening biscuit feast! What a wonderful day this is. Winston is so proud of it all!

Winston has set up a table outside with piles of biscuits and a bottle of champagne

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