The House of Shadows!

Another black card reads “The House of Shadows!”

A black title card with green spooky writing reads “The Hammer house of Vaark presents”

Another black card reads “The House of Shadows!”

Well! I was out for a walk in the Spooky Forest, and it started to rain. Luckily, I came across a big old house, so I’ve come in to shelter.

Ratvaark is in his duffel coat, in a wood panelled room, with cobwebs and a clock at nearly midnight

Ah, there’s a candle on the mantlepiece, I’ll light that so I can see a bit better…

Ratvaark looks at a candle on the mantelpieceRatvaark has lit the candle

Argh! What’s that shadow! It’s a giant bat!

Ratvaark sees a giant shadow on the wall, which looks like a giant bat wing

Oh, no, it isn’t. Hello Bernard. Were you out for a walk too? At least you were sensible enough to bring an umbrella. Your shadow did look spooky!

Bernard comes into the room, with an umbrella

Eek! A flying witch’s broom!

Ratvaark and Bernard see the shadow of an old fashioned broom on the wall

Oh! Hello Microvaark. What’s that? You’ve come to sweep up a bit? Jolly good. It is a bit cobwebby.

Ratvaark talks to Microvaark, who is carrying a broom

Microvaark uses the broom to sweep some of the cobwebs

Yikes! A coffin!

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of a coffin shape on the wall

Oh! It’s not a coffin, it’s Hypno, with a table. Odd thing to bring for a walk…

Hypnovaark has come in, carrying a table

Argh! A ghost, a ghost!

Ratvaark looks at a ghost shaped shadow on the wall

Hmm, doesn’t look so ghostly now… Oh! It’s Dim, with the cloth for the table….

Ratvaark looks at a figure with a cloth draped over it

Dim places the tablecloth on the table

*shiver* That looks like a load of creepy gravestones….

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of some square and arched gravestones on the wall

Oh, hello Fury. You’ve brought the chairs to go with the table? Well, I suppose that’s a good idea…

Fury has brought three chairs, two square tops and one arched.

Yikes! A huge spider web! Imagine the size of the spider!

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of a giant spider web


Oh! It’s Esther, with decorations and bunting. Of course! We’re having a Halloween party!

Esther comes in carrying a spider web decoration and a length of orange and black bunting.

Esther and Bernard hand the decorations over the fireplace.

Oh no! A terrible tentacled monster!

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of a monster with tentacles

Oh hello Nano. You’ve brought paper streamers? Well done. Esther and Bernard can help you hang them up.

Nano comes in with a load of curly orange paper streamers

Esther helps to hang the streamers on the bunting.

Eeek! That looks like Frankenstein’s monster with the square head and the bolts through the neck!

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of a Frankenstein type monster

Oh, Arnold! Why are you carrying a bucket on your head? Ah! It’s for the apple bobbing!

Arnold comes in, wearing a bucket on his head

The bucket is filled with apples

Argh! A giant creepy hand!

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of a creepy hand

Oh, it’s alright. It’s Peggy and Gino with a pot of cutlery for the buffet table. Good thinking.

Peggy and Gino bring in a teapot with the handles of 4 spoons sticking up looking like fingers.

Peggy and Gino put the pot and spoons on the table

*gulp* Is that a witch’s hat?

Ratvaark looks at the shadow of a witch’s hat

Oh. No. It’s Matilda with a big tall jelly for pudding!

Matilda brings in a tall conical jelly

Yikes! A spooky cauldron of potion!

Ratvaark sees the shadow of a cauldron

Ah, it’s alright. It’s Ofelia with her big cooking pot, full of pumpkins!

Ofelia comes in with her big cooking pot, full of little chocolate pumpkins

*gasp* Is that an evil knifeman, or the Grim Reaper?

Ratvaark sees the shadow of a figure wielding a knife

Oh, ok, it’s Ernest with a cake, and a knife to cut it with. Yum Yum!

Ernest has a big sponge cake, and a large shiny knife.

Argh! Is that… a headless figure, stumbling towards us?

Ratvaark sees a shape with two arms but no head

Oh, no, it isn’t. It was Winston and Vincent getting lost and looking which way to turn….

Winston and Vincent stand back to back, their snozzles sticking out like arms

Well, what started as a rather spooky house has become a rather jolly Halloween party hasn’t it! We are going to have fun.

Ratvaark looks at the camera, a hint of a shadow on the wall behind him

And thank goodness, there are no more spooky shadows, eh?

A picture of the whole room, with partying vaarks, and the shadow of a monster is seen on the wall


Ratvaark looks at the monster shadow

A final black card reads “The End”

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