Advaark 2020. Day 1: Lettering!

Esther, Arnold and Vincent have started drawing letters

Welcome to Advaark! We’ll post every day until Christmas Eve, with a crafty idea for Christmas. Maybe we’ll give you some ideas for crafty things to do too!

Today, we’re having a go at Calligraphy. We’ve picked a Christmassy word, and Esther, Arnold, Vincent and Winston are going to write it in nice letters to make a banner.

Esther, Arnold, Vincent and Winston have squares of paper, and pens

Everyone is concentrating on getting their letter right. Winston says he can’t concentrate if he can see the others working, so he’s turned round.

Esther, Arnold and Vincent have started drawing letters

Winston has turned his back to the camera and is using a dip pen and bottle of ink to write

There, that’s three letters done. What about you Winston, finished yet?

Esther has drawn an r, Arnold has an a and Vincent has a t, all in Old English type scriptVincent talks to Winston, who is standing in front of his letter

Ah. Well, it’s beautifully drawn Winston, but you’ve done it again…

Winston reveals his letter, an S drawn beautifully, but backwards

Never mind, says Esther, you worked very hard on it, and we know what it’s meant to be, we’ll use it anyway

Esther talks to Winston

So, Esther sews some thread through the papers to string them together, and we have a lovely banner!

Esther sews thread through the corners of the papers to hang them up

The 4 vaarks read the banner that says “Star”, with a backwards S

You don’t need special pens for this. We drew the shapes of the letters copied from an image. You could even just find a nice font on your computer and print them out!

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