Advaark 2020 Day 4: A stitch in time.

Ratvaark, Peggy and Ofelia have all the items gathered together

Ofelia, Peggy and I are going to make some decorations out of felt. We’ve got felt, embroidery thread, scissors and needles.

Ratvaark, Peggy and Ofelia have all the items gathered together

First of all, we’re cutting out shapes from the felt. We’re keeping it simple!

Peggy has a tree shape cut from green felt, and Ofelia cuts a star from light blue felt

Now, we’re each going to sew a stitch round the edge. Ofelia is doing a running stitch, Peggy is blanket stitching, and I’m doing a whip stitch.

Each one is stitching around their shape. Ratvaark is sewing something in brown and white but we can’t see what.

There, those are done! Simple but understated. Of course you could add beads or sequins, or more stitches.

Ofelia holds up her star with white stitching, and Peggy has edged her tree shape with red blanket stitch.

Me? Oh, I made a Christmas pudding? What’s that Ofelia, it looks like it’s got a bit missing?

Ratvaark shows off a Christmas Pudding with white cream on top

Ofelia looks at the bottom edge of the pudding where a bit is missing

Well, it’s a Christmas Pudding that’s been nibbled by vaarks!

As ratvaark explains, Peggy throws her arms in the air.

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