Advaark 2020 Day 10: Getting knotted!

The strings are looped round the cinnamon stick

Dim, Vincent and Ofelia are going to have a go at some Macrame today!

Vincent has a coil of cord, Dim has a cinnamon stick and bernard and ofelia are looking one


Bernard wonders if that’s a good idea, given the mess they always get in with the Maypole!

Bernard talks to the other three

In a picture from may day, Ernest is tied to the maypole with the ribbons

But they are sure it’ll be fine. First they tie the strings to the cinnamon stick and lay them out neatly. Ofelia loves cinnamon, she can’t stop sniffing it!

The strings are looped round the cinnamon stick

Ofelia is sniffing the cinnamon stick

Now they just have to knot the strings in the right order, to make a V shape.

The vaarks start knotting the strings together

a v shape starts to form as the strings are knotted

There! It’s a little decoration to hang up! Just needs the strings trimming.

Ofelia looks at the nearly finished decorationBernard is quite impressed that no one got tangled up!

We found a tutorial online, so have a look round and see what you could do!

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