Advaark 2020 Day 11: Let’s BAKE!

Ernest cuts out a round biscuit

Today, we’re on location in the kitchen. Ernest and Esther are going to make gingerbread biscuits! It’s a messy business, hence the aprons.

Esther and Ernest stand on a worktop, with all the ingredients for biscuits

Arnold has come to monitor Health and Safety. He hasn’t got an apron, so he’s put his cagoule on.

Arnold is wearing a see through plastic raincoat.

First of all, they are sieving the flour and spices, and bicarb. Then they measure out the fat, sugar and syrup. Arnold is on hand in case of any sticky situations.

ernest and esther put the dry ingredients in a bowl

the vaarks measure out golden syrup

While Esther and Arnold supervise melting the fat and syrup. Ernest puts an egg in a jug. I think, Ernest, you have to take it out of the shell. That’s the way!

Ernest and Esther watch a pan heating on the stove.

Ernest has put a whole egg in a measuring jug

Ernest whips the egg in the jug

Once all the fat and syrup are melted, they get poured into the dry ingredients, with the egg and mixed to make a dough. The dough needs to chill, so it goes in the fridge.

Esther stirs the bowl of ingredients

Ernest and Esther look at the dough in the bowl

Arnold puts the bowl in the fridge

While it chills, Arnold heats the oven. There, now it’s ready to roll out. This is even messier! Don’t get floury bottoms you two!

Arnold turns the oven on

Ernest and Esther roll out the dough on a floured surface

Arnold is cutting crinkly biscuits and Ernest is cutting round ones. But Esther is doing something a bit more complicated!

Arnold cuts out a crinkled biscuit with a cutter

Ernest cuts out a round biscuit

Esther cuts out a vaark shape with a knife

Now, into the oven the biscuits go, and we have to wait for 15 mins, while they start to smell nice! And here they are! Got to let them cool.

Arnold puts the biscuits in the oven

All three vaarks watch the oven

The biscuits are all out on a cooling rack

Once they are cool, you can add some icing if you like! There’s even one for Nano. But what about Esther’s biscuit?

The vaarks are squeezing tubes of icing onto the biscuits

Arnold and Ernest show off their biscuits

Ernest looks at a tiny iced biscuit

Wow! What a colourful gingerbread vaark! That’s amazing Esther!

Esther shows off a very colourfully decorated vaark shaped biscuit.

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