Advaark 2020 Day 14: Shine a light!

Dim holds the paper and Matilda cuts into it

More papercraft today, what are Dim and Matilda up to? Ah! Paper lanterns!

Dim and Matilda have a rectangle of paper, scissors and tape

First of all, fold the paper in half, then make cuts in it on the folded edge, leaving a strip on the other side not cut through.

matilda and dim fold the paper in half

Dim holds the paper and Matilda cuts into it

Now, unfold it. Next, it need to be rolled up. Matilda says it would help if they had something to roll it around.

The paper is unfolded and Matilda talks to Dim

Well, that is very helpful Dim! You’re just the right size too! Just need to tape the edge.

Dim lies on the paper to be rolled up

Matilda tapes the edge of the paper to keep it rolled up

Well Dim, you look very… well, daft, to be honest. But look, if we take it off you, and find a little battery powered tealight, it sits over it very nicely!

Dim stands up, wearing the paper lantern

Dim and matilda have a battery powered tealight

the lantern sits over the tealight

Oh Arnold! No, it’s alright, it’s not a real flame. Look how pretty it is. And you can make these lanterns any size!

arnold appears with his fire extinguisherthey all look at a bigger lanternArnold looks at a tiny lantern that just fits over the fake flame


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