Advaark 2020 Day 15: Let it snow!

Bernard and Hypno look at the triangle folded into three

What are you doing today Bernard and Hypno? More paper!

Bernard and Hypno have a square of paper, a pencil and scissors

Bernard says, we fold the paper in half to make a triangle, and then fold that triangle into tree sections and trim the end to a round shape. Oh, I know! It’s snowflakes!

Bernard folds the square in half

Bernard and Hypno look at the triangle folded into three

Now, Hypno is going to draw some shapes to cut round. It’s tricky cutting, but the more intricate the design, the better the end result!

Hypno draws shapes on the folded triangle

hypno cuts out the drawn shape

Now, Bernard is going to unfold it, carefully. Don’t tear it!

Bernard unfolds the paper

Ta da! That is pretty! And look you can make all sorts of shapes. You could hang them up, or stick them to windows!

Bernard sticks his snozzle through the middle of the finished snowflake

Hypno and Bernard show off a selection of snowflakes

Just be careful to cut the right bits or you’ll end up with confetti!

Hypno looks at a pile of cut up little pieces of paper

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