A trip to the Christmas Market!

Peggy is in charge of a Gluhwein stall with a tureen of wine and china mugs

Well, we’re having our annual outing to the Vaark Christmas Market this afternoon! It’s a grey day, but the fairy lights and lanterns make it very cheerful!

The vaark christmas market is set up with cabins selling goods, fairy lights and battery tealights

We’ve got a Santa’s grotto, stalls selling decorations and presents, and refreshments. Everything you need at Christmas!

Ratvaark is dressed as Santa outside a grotto with a North Pole sign

We see Winston’s Christmas Tat Emporium and the Festive Snacks stall

Peggy is in charge of a Gluhwein stall with a tureen of wine and china mugs

Hypno is very pleased to meet Father Christmas. He’s so jolly. Hypno-ho-ho!

Hypno talks to Santa

Matilda loves the decorations, all so sparkly!

Matilda admires the wreaths and baubles on the decoration stall

Winston is busy setting up his Christmas Tat, I mean Unique Gift, Emporium. Something for everyone here!

Winston has a selection of ornaments, toys and odds and ends

There’s always a crowd at the Festive Snack stall, obviously. Microvaark has some new stock this year, chocolate sprouts! Only to him, they look more like cabbages…

There is a queue of vaarks at the Festive Snacks stall.

Micro stands next to a tub of chocolate balls wrapped in foil to look like sprouts.

And it wouldn’t be a Christmas Market without a warming drink. There’s hot chocolate too. And of course, a warm greeting from Peggy.

Fury and Gino are queueing up for a mug of gluhwein

Now then, Winston is all set up. And Hypno wants to know what that yellow thing is? Ah, says Winston, that’s a caleye… kalyi… twirly looky thing.

Winston stands by his stall of stuff

Hypno talks to Winston about a yellow object

Well, that sounds interesting, says Hypno, lets’s have a look…

Hypno bends down to look through the kaleidoscope

Wooooo! Far out man! Hypno defintitely wants to buy that!

We see a distorted kalaeidoscope image of Winston

Fury says she’s pleased to see Winston has a couple of toy cars. Nano says, That’s not a toy! I’ll have that one!

Fury looks at a couple of tiny model cars on Winston’s stall

Nano has jumped into one of the model cars an is driving off

Oh look, says Nano, it’s that curator chap from the Museum who valued your unique Greek Urn. He’s come to see the market! Eh? says Winston. Crikey!

Nano sees the Museum Curator vaark approaching Winston’s stall

Nice to see you again, says Henry. Not got any more priceless urns for sale then, ha ha? No, says Winston, definitely not. Shut up Micro.

The curator talks to Winston, who is standing in front of an identical urn to the one he sold. Micro looks at the urn.

Time for a bit of music now. The brass band are playing a selection of carols and Christmas songs.

Ernest, Winston and Bernard are dressed in uniforms and caps, holding a trombone, a trumpet and a French Horn

And here’s Micro to do his bit as chorister. “Once in Royal David’s City….”

Microvaark, dressed as a chorister, has joined the band

A close up of Microvaark singing

Oh Matilda, hello. Er, is that a PRAM?

Matilda arrives pushing what looks like a black metal pram

Oh! No. It’s a Chestnut roasting barrow! How nice, Hot Roast Chestnuts for everyone, she’s doing a roaring trade.

Matilda turns the pram round to reveal a sign saying Hot Chestnuts and glowing coals inside. She has paper bags of chestnuts

The vaarks queue up to buy hot chestnuts

As an extra treat this year, Arnold has arranged a skating rink, what fun!

There is a foil pie dish in the middle of the market with Vincent and Micro skating on it

A close up of Vincent and Micro on skates on the rink

Peggy is especially happy and can’t wait for her turn, she loves skating.

Peggy waits for her turn, wearing skates

Well, says Nano, what a lovely time we’re having. We hope you’ve enjoyed our market, if you’ve missed your own this year.

A close up of Nano in his red christmas sweater

And as it gets dark, the lights seem brighter. We’re going to carry on enjoying ourselves into the night!

A scene of the market in the dark with lights glowing

A scene of the market in the dark with lights glowing

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