Advaark 2020 Day 20: Colouring the light.

The vaarks stick the cellophane down to the paper

Today, we’re going to make some ‘stained glass’ decorations! We need some squares of paper, a craft knife and some double-sided sticky tape. Oh, and some coloured cellophane wrappers from chocolates. We had to eat the chocolates. The things we do for Art!

Winston, Matilda and Dim have all the things they need , including a stack of cellophane sweet wrappers.

First of all, we’re drawing shapes on our paper to cut out. We’re choosing designs that will suit the colours of cellophane we’ve got.

The vaarks draw shapes on the paper, including a bell, a star and a Christmas tree.

Now we need to make the back of the paper sticky, with the double-sided tape. Before we peel the back off, we’re going to cut out the shapes we’ve drawn.

The vaarks stick double sided tape on the back of the paper

Winston uses the craft knife to cut out the shapes through the paper and tape

Then we peel the backing off the tape. What a fiddly job it is! Er, Matilda, are you stuck there?

The vaarks peel away the backing paper

Matilda has one of the pieces of paper stuck to her snozzle button

Now, we put the cellophane on the sticky side, and press it down. And then trim the extra from round the edge.

The vaarks stick the cellophane down to the paper

Dim trims the edges of the cellophane with scissors.

So here we are! These look nice hung up in a window, where the sun can shine through them. And if you like, you can draw extra details on, like Matilda did with her Father Christmas. Ho ho ho!

The vaarks pose with their decorations, a Santa, a star, a bell, a sweetie and a tree

Matilda shows off her Santa shape, which she’s drawn a face on to.

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