Advaark 2020 Day 24: Merry Christmas!

Ratvaark writes an R

Well, it’s nearly Christmas! We’re all going to work together on a banner. Esther has started it, and we’re going to do a letter each.

The vaarks queue up to work on a piece of paper with “we wish you a” written at the top

So off we go, colouring letters alternately in red and green. M E R R

Dim writes an M

Matilda writes an E

Ratvaark writes an R

Ernest colours in another R

A Y from Bernard finishes off MERRY. Can you manage that pen Nano? Jolly good!

Bernard draws a Y

Nano starts a new word with a C

Fury says she’s looking at the queue while Micro works, and she thinks she’s spotted a potential problem. Arnold says it’s best not to mention it.

Fury talks to Arnold as Micro draws an H. Counting back in the queue it looks like Winston is going to get to write the S

Hypno and Vincent take their turns with R and I.

Hypno writes an R

Vincent writes an I

Ah! I see what Fury was worried about! It’s Winston’s turn, and it’s time for an S! But Nano says he knows Winston can do it if he tries.

Winston arrives at the banner to write an S

Nano looks up to Winston

Go on Winston. Take it steady… Think about it…. Nano says you’re doing fine!

Winston starts to write an S

Winston seems to be getting the S right

Hooray! He’s done it!

All the vaarks and peggy and Gino look at Winston

So, it’s just time to finish off the t, m, a and s of Christmas!

Ofelia writes T

Fury Writes M

Arnold Writes A

Esther finishes off with a second S

Fury asks Gino why he’s drawn a pair of eyes on the banner. They’re not eyes! They’re holly berries!

Fury talks to Gino who’s holding a red pen, and has drawn two circles on the banner

Peggy holds a green pen, having drawn holly leaves

And so there we are. We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We know Christmas is a bit different this year for a lot of people, so whatever you are doing, have a safe and lovely day.

All the vaarks and Peggy and Gino stand behind the finished banner which reads “We wish you a Merry Christmas”

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