Happy New Year of the Ox!

Some of the vaarks are under the body of a long Chinese dragon, snaking across the room

Well here we are, it’s time to celebrate Chinese New Year again! We’re dressed up, and we’ve got all our decorations out.

All the vaarks are gathered in front of a painted bamboo backdrop, wearing chinese style jackets or hats.

First of all, we’re having our traditional Dragon Dance, as always! Look how it snakes about.

Some of the vaarks are under the body of a long Chinese dragon, snaking across the room

Oh Nano, are you afraid of the Dragon’s fierce head?

Nano looks up to the head of the dragon

No no no, says Nano, I’m fine. I’m just…. Inspecting the inside of Microvaark’s hat.

Nano is hiding under Micro’s Chinese hat.

Hello, Fury looks like she’s about to do something dangerous…. Ah, yes, it’s time for the firecrackers!

Fury is wearing ear defenders, eye protectors and has a fire extinguisher.

Ratvaark talks to Fury

Bang bang bang! Bangbangbangbangbangbang! Bangbangbang! Gosh these firecrackers are noisy!

The vaarks watch from behind a tape as Fury sets off a string of firecrackersA close up of Fury and the firecrackers – some sparkling, some smoking, some burnt at the edges.

Hold on a mo. Arnold normally watches out when we have fireworks. Where is he? And Ernest!

Ratvaark turns to talk to the rest of the vaarks.

Oh, yes Nano of course, it’s the Year of the Ox, that’s what they are sorting out. Yes, you go and get them now if you like.

Ratvaark talks to Nano

Here they are in the Pantomime Ox!

The vaarks look at a pantomime cow, we can see Arnold and Ernests bottoms sticking out below the costume.

Bernard has been reading up on it, and says the Ox is Diligent, Dependable, Strong and Determined. All very vaarkish qualities!

Bernard looks at the Ox.

Nano says, the Ox is certainly a fine way to travel!

Nano is sitting on top of the ox, holding the halter rope.

Well, after all the excitement, it’s time to sit down for our banquet. We’ll be having all sorts of tasty dishes, eaten with chopsticks, of course!

The vaarks are gathered around a table, with bowls, and chopsticks.

Nano can’t reach into a normal bowl, so we borrowed one from the dolls’ house for him. He says it’s might be small, but he’ll have seconds and thirdses!

Nano has a tiny blue and white pattern bowl and chopsticks.

So, a very Happy New Year to all our friends. Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Ratvaark faces the camera to wish everyone a happy new year.


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