Ratvaark is wearing a spring of shamrock with three leaves

Well, today is St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain, he was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Ireland. He escaped, but he went back to Ireland to preach Christianity. Which was quite a new thing back then.

Ratvaark is dressed in a robe as St Patrick, with a gold halo, preaching from a stage

He used the 3 leaves of the Shamrock plant to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people, and so people often wear a sprig of Shamrock to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Ratvaark is wearing a spring of shamrock with three leaves

There is also a legend that he commanded all the snakes to leave Ireland!

A snake is slithering towards Ratvaark. Arnold’s ears have flown up in surprise

And it’s true there are no native snakes in Ireland to this day – but in fact there never were, as they didn’t make it back to Ireland after the last Ice Age.

The snake is heading away, carrying a little bundle tied to a stick

Hold on, says Microvaark, here’s another snake!

Microvaark looks at a long blue snake in the grass

Oh! It’s not a snake, it’s Ernest’s snozzle! He’s fallen asleep!

The snake is revealed to be Ernest’s long snozzle as he lies asleep beside the stage

Ernest is very sorry to have fallen asleep, but he said the sermon was a bit long, and a bit boring in parts.

Ratvaark looks down at Ernest who looks sorry.

Never mind Ernest. Wake yourself up with a snack and a nice restorative pint of Guinness.

Ratvaark gives Ernest a biscuit and a glass of black with a white top on it.

In fact, let’s all have a little drink, and Peggy can entertain us with some Irish dancing.

There is a table of drinks and all the vaarks watch Peggy dance in a green and orange dress as Dim plays the fiddle

So, if you’re celebrating today, stay safe, and we wish you all Sláinte!, or “Health!”

Ratvaark addresses the camera



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