On the hunt for chocolate!

Winston finds an egg sitting in a wooden egg cup in a cupboard

Hooray, it’s Easter Day and you know what that means – our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Let’s see what we can find…

Esther went straight to the bookcase and looked for clues in the titles to find hers.

Esther looks at a yellow chocolate egg on a bookshelf beside a book called Hidden Figures.

Dim decided, of course, to follow the music, and found his on the bass guitar.

Dim is perched on the head of a bass guitar looking at an egg wedged between the tuning pegs

Matilda found one flowering on the Christmas Cactus!

Matilda is looking up at a pink foil covered egg among the leaves of the plant.

Fury discovered one being delivered to the car park.

Fury looks at an egg in the back of a toy tipper truck on a shelf of toy cars

Arnold was very surprised to find one in a truck with his name on!

Arnolds ears fly up in surprise as he looks at an egg sitting in a model railway truck with “Arnolds Sands” printed on the side.

Ofelia found one pretending to be real in the Egg Skelter

Ofelia looks at a foil egg sitting between real eggs on a rack.

Peggy spotted one among the chitting seed potatoes.

Peggy looks at an egg nestling among some chitting potatoes in an old egg box.

Hypno got quite dizzy looking for one in the washing machine, but he got it eventually, nice and clean!

Hypno looks through the door of a washing machine at clothes going round inside

Winston used his common sense, and went straight to the cupboard where the egg-cups live.

Winston finds an egg sitting in a wooden egg cup in a cupboard

Vincent knows the modern way of doing things, so he found his on-line!

Vincent has typed Easter Eggs into Google on a laptop

A foil covered egg has appeared on the keyboard.

Microvaark remembered having luck in the dolls house last year, so he went back, and found one sitting comfortably in the parlour.

Microvaark looks at an egg sitting in an armchair in a miniature parlour.

Gino scored a hit, and found his on the Battleships board.

Gino looks at a Battleships board with model ships and pegs in it, and an eggs sitting in the middle

I found one pretending to be Peggy, in her chair, and wearing her hat!

Ratvaark looks at an egg sitting in the little deckchair, with a straw hat on it.

Bernard went outside and found one pretending to be a strawberry!

Bernard looks at a pink egg among the leaves of a strawberry plant

Ernest spotted one on the island in the birdbath. Luckily, he could just reach it, with Bernard holding his tail to be safe.

Ernest looks at an egg sitting on a stone in the middle of a bird bath

Ernest reaches for the egg, with Bernard holding his tail

Well! Look at that pile! Haven’t we all done well!

All the vaarks are gathered around a big pile of the eggs they’ve found.

What’s that Micro? Oh! Yes. We haven’t heard from Nano yet…

Micro talks to Ratvaark

Oh Nano there you are, says Micro, Oh dear, haven’t you found an egg? Do you want to share mine?

Micro talks to Nano, who has hold of one end of a piece of string

Oh, it’s alright, says Nano, don’t worry. I’ve found something better!

The vaarks look astonished. The other end of the string Nano is holding is tied round a chocolate easter bunny

Happy Easter, says Nano. We hope you all enjoy your eggs!

Nano poses with his huge Easter bunny.

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