All the fun of the fair!

Ernest struggles to pick up the big mallet for a try your strength machine

So here we are at the fair! We’ve got all the rides and attractions!

The vaarks gather on a table top with fairground attractions

The ladle-go-round is a favourite. Winston loves it, but he has to remember to take his hat off, or it flies away!

Three ladles hang from an old umbrella frame, swinging outwards as they spin. Ernest is turning a handle and a vaark sits in each ladle

A close up of Winston sitting in a ladle flying round

Dim and Matilda always make a bee-line for the swingboat. It’s very romantic and they are perfectly balanced.

Dim and Matilda sit in a yellow swingboat with roses painted on it hanging from a red triangular frame.

Ernest wants a go at the Try Your Strength machine, but his snozzle is so tired from turning the ladle-go-round, he can’t even pick the hammer up!

Ernest struggles to pick up the big mallet for a try your strength machine

Everyone giggles at Hypno’s Hall of Mirrors.

Fury, Ofelia and Nano look at their reflections in a set of concave, convex and wavy mirrors.

And as ever, there’s a queue for the Ferris Wheel!

8 vaarks ride in the baskets of a mini ferris wheel meant to hold cupcakes.

Hello, what’s this? Fury and Winston have an announcement to make… Oh! They say there’s a NEW RIDE. They’ve been working on it in secret.

The vaarks gather to listen to Fury and Winston’s announcement

A HELTER SKELTER! Here’s the booth where you pay your money and get your sacking to ride down on. But where…

Everyone looks at a booth with helter skelter signwritten on it, and a pile of hessian sacks piled up by the door.


Ratvaark gazes up at a tall traffic cone, with a helter skelter track made of card attached to it.

Well, in no time we’re all queued up to get our sacks from Fury. Except Arnold, who says he has safety concerns. What happens when we shoot off the bottom of the chute?

The vaarks queue up to collect their sacks to slide down in

Arnold talks to Winston

That’s easy, says Winston. You just stand here wiv your fishing net.

Winston hands Arnold his fishing net, which is made from fancy net curtain

So, after climbing up all the stairs inside… Wheeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee….

Ratvaark is at the top of the slope

Ratvaark is half way down

Ratvaark is sliding nose first towards the bottom

Well caught Arnold!

Arnold has caught ratvaark in the net, so only his bottom shows

Ernest loves to feel the wind in his snozzle!

Ernest is sliding down with his long snozzle blowing back over his shoulder.

Hang on Vincent, says Bernard, You’re coming down backwards!

Bernard is sliding forwards, talking to Vincent who is facing backwards

Vincent slides backwards towards the bottom

Yeah! Says Vincent, that was fun!

Vincent has been caught bottom first in the net and pokes his nose out to talk to Winston

Nano says it was great fun, but he was sorry he couldn’t see over the edge to watch the world whizz by.

Nano, on a tiny mat, talks to Winston at the bottom of the slide

No problem, says Ernest. I’ll give you a lift on my next turn!

Ernest is sliding down, holding Nano above the parapet so he can see

A close up of Ernest holding Nano

Well, when we’re all giddy from the Helter Skelter, Ofelia says she has something to reveal. Is it something to do with our Fortunes, Ofelia?

All the vaarks listen to Ofelia talking.

Millionaires Shortbread! THAT’S why she told everyone she could see the word Millionaire!

Ofelia has a plate piled high with bitesize Millionaire’s Shortbread pieces.

Nano says, he thinks this is the best fortune anyone could have. That and having a grand day out with all his friends. We hope you’ve all enjoyed it!

Nano sits on top of the pile of shortbread and talks to Ofelia.

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