May Day Fun!

Dim orders ice cream from the ice cream stall, which is made out of an old ice cream tub.

Well, it’s May Bank Holiday tomorrow, and you know what that means? Yes! We’re having our May Day fete and fair! Here we are ready to enjoy it all.

The vaarks are gathered on a green field looking at stalls.

Here’s Matilda with her popcorn machine. Micro and Nano are being a bit cautious, they remember how it overflowed before! But Matilda says she’s got the hang of it now.

Micro and Nano talk to Matilda in front of a popcorn machine

So they decide to share a bucket of popcorn. That’ll keep them going for a while.

Nano and Micro have a little pot with some popcorn in it.

Gino is running the ice cream stand again. Dim says can he have a strawberry cone with a flake please?

Dim orders ice cream from the ice cream stall, which is made out of an old ice cream tub.

Oh, how nice! The ice cream is for Matilda, it’s her favourite flavour and she’s too busy to go and get one.

Dim gives a pink icecream cone to Matilda

Gosh, Matilda IS busy, she’s running the candy floss stand too!

Matilda stands behind a stand selling pink candyfloss, talking to Hypno

Hypno does like candyfloss! Even if he does end up a bit sticky.

Hypno has a stick of candyfloss

Fury can never decide what to have from the Burger Box. Vincent’s looking after it, and suggests she has one of everything?

Fury looks at the menu on Winston’s Burger Box kiosk

Arnold of course is always thinking of safety, so he’s checking that Peggy’s tea stall has had the kettle PAT tested.

Arnold talks to Peggy in front of a table of teacups and cake.

Hello Winston, says Bernard. No priceless Greek Urns on your bric-a-brac stall today eh? Nah, says Winston, I’ve run out. I mean, no, I’ve not found another one.

Bernard talks to Winston at his stall

Ah, now, games! Ernest is having a go at the Hoop-La. 3 rings please Esther!

Ernest is holding a ring, at a hoop-la stall, with Esther looking over the top.

Hup! Oh, sorry Esther!

Ernest’s first hoop has landed over Esther’s snozzle.

Hup! Oh, sorry Nano! Although you make a good prize!

Ernest’s second hoop has landed completely over Nano.

Right, last hoop, better make this count. Oi! Ernest, that’s cheating!

Ernest holds his last hoop

Ernest reaches out with his super long snozzle and hooks the hoop over the high scoring peg.

Right Ernest, let’s have a go at the Tombola. Five tickets please! Oh. I never win!

Ratvaark talks to Ernest who has a tombola tumbler and a Penguin biscuit with a numbered ticket on it.

Ratvaark looks at his tickets and none of the numbers match.

Winston says business is slow on the the pistachio shy. Arnold says it’s because everyone knows the nuts are glued to the poles!

Arnold talks to Winston at the Pistachio shy, where nuts sit on poles.

Well, now, this is new. Madame Fortuna? I wonder what it means? Oh, Ofelia, it’s you! What’s that, you’ve started Fortune Telling? Goodness!

Ratvaark looks at the flowerpot house that is usually Ofelia’s falafel stall

Ratvaark talks to Ofelia, who is wearing a purple and gold robe, and a veil with gold dots on it.

Well! Once word got round, everyone wants their fortune told. There’s such a queue, Arnold is on duty marshalling!

A queue of vaarks stand outside the flower pot stall

Well, it’s very dark in here. And Madame Fortuna’s crystal ball is glowing very strangely! She told me something, but said I wasn’t to tell anyone else!

Ratvaark is in a dark red space with Ofelia.

Winston is very pleased. Madame Fortuna told him she can see the word Millionaire! Which is odd, because that’s what.. oh. No. I mustn’t say.

Winston is in the tent with Ofelia

Whatever she told Arnold, he’s shocked!

Arnold is in the tent and his ears have flown up in surprise

Nano wouldn’t say what she told him, but he said the crystal ball was quite mesmerising and he’ll buy one when he’s a millionaire. Hmmmm.

Nano sits on the table looking at the glowing ball.

Now that we all know our fortunes, it’s time for the Maypole Dance!

Everyone watches as 6 vaarks gather round a maypole, each holding a ribbon

Round and Round they go! Until… Well, they can’t go any further! Better let go!

The vaarks dance around the pole

All the vaarks are jammed up against the pole as the ribbons are tightly wound.

Next we settle down to watch Peggy’s Puppet Show. We love this. We always cheer the goodies and boo the baddies!

The vaarks are all gathered round a puppet booth with a Mr Punch and a Crocodile puppet showing. Peggy’s legs stick out at the bottom of the booth.

Finally for the Fete, it’s our Morris dancing troupe! Look how they bash those staves, and jingle their bells as they dance!

4 vaarks are dressed as Morris Dancers, with bells on their snozzles, boater hats and carrying sticks

The vaarks clash their sticks

They dance round in a circle as Hypno plays the accordion

Dim always enjoys this, playing the fool and bopping everyone with his balloon on a stick. He makes sure to be very gentle with Nano!

Dim wears a black tunic, and carries a little balloon on a stick

Well, we have enjoyed our fete! But the fun isn’t over yet. We’ve got the a fair to go to later!

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