Welcome to the Vaark-lympics!

all the vaarks are gathered in front of a cauldron on top of a tall plinth, with Olympic flags

Hello everyone! We are celebrating the opening of the Olympic games with our own ceremony. We’ve got a cauldron all ready for the Olympic flame.

all the vaarks are gathered in front of a cauldron on top of a tall plinth, with Olympic flags

Ah, here’s Fury with the Olympic torch!

fury carries a shiny silver torch with flames coming from the top

And so, Fury approaches the cauldron for the solemn lighting moment.

Fury goes towards the plinth

Ah. Bit of a problem. We’ve made the plinth so tall, Fury can’t reach! Esther, you’re tall, can you do it? No?

Fury is too short to reach the cauldron.

Esther takes the torch, but can’t reach either

Gino, you’re tall, you have a go. No? Gosh, even Ernest can’t reach!

Gino tries to reach up to the cauldron

Ernest’s long snozzle is extended fully, but still too short

Well, now, we’re going to have to have a think about this… I know! Teamwork!

the vaarks all discuss what to do

Right, Hypno, Matilda and Esther, you’re good and sturdy, you form the base….

Hypno, Matilda and Esther stand together at the base of the plinth

Fury and Bernard, you’re well matched for size…

Fury and Bernard stand on the shoulders of the three below

Ofelia and Vincent, you next. Hold tight!

Ofelia and Vincent balance on top of Fury and Bernard

Up you go Micro and Nano! It’s a Vaark pyramid! Now, Ernest, hand the torch up!

Nano sits on Micro’s head and Ernest passes the torch up

Ready Nano? Light the flame!

a close up of nano with the torch


the cauldron bursts into flames


The vaark pyramid collapses in a heap

Everyone alright? Yes? Luckily it was a soft landing!

Ratvaark checks everyone is ok

Nano says, it’s a good thing he didn’t have an eyebrows before, because he wouldn’t have any now!

Nano talks to Micro

Well, we got there in the end. While the Olympics are on, we’re going to have a go at a few sports, so join us tomorrow for the first one!

All the vaarks are gathered in front of the flaming cauldron.

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