In the long run…

they run on a carpeted floor

A long event today – the marathon! Winston has kindly sponsored this event. We’ve got 4 competitors, and Fury is all ready with the starting gun.

Micro, vincent, winston and ofelia line up under a banner that says “Start”, “Sponsored by Winstons Used cars” and “they mostly go 26 miles”

Fury has a big cannon, and is wearing ear defenders

Ready, Steady, BOOM! Oh dear, I think the starting gun surprised everybody a bit too much!

the cannon fires with a cloud of smoke and all the competitors fall over

Ok, let’s go again, with a simple Ready, Steady, Go! And they’re off alright this time.

the competitors line up again

they start running

So, off they go, across the craft room floor, and the bedroom floor, and the kitchen worktop…

they run on a wooden floor

they run on a carpeted floorthey run on a kitchen worktop

Ofelia has had an idea. It’s getting on a bit, perhaps they should stop for a snack? Absolutely!

Ofelia stops to talk to the others

They sit around a cloth with teacups and a sponge cake

On they go out into the garden. Micro wants to be sure they’re going in the right direction, so they stop to check the route.

they run along the edge of a raised bed

they stop to look at a map held by microvaark

At last the end is in sight! It look like Winston might win, but oh! Microvaark has put on a sprint finish!

they approach the finishing line

Microvaark goes out in front

He’s won!

Microvaark breaks the finishing tape

Microvaark wonders if Winston is cross about not winning? No, no, says Winston, I’m just glad it’s over!

Everyone gathers round Winston who is flopped on the floor

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