Over the jumps!

Vincent rides towards a jump with a hedge and bar

Over to the equestrian ring today, for the show jumping. Vincent will be going first – first, the bars…

an arena with show jumps set up. Vincent rides a knitted unicorn to the first jump

Safely over the first, it’s time for the hedge and bar…

Vincent rides towards a jump with a hedge and bar

And finally, the water jump, let’s see how he does!

Vincent rides towards a jump with a water pit

Oops! Bit of a stumble on landing and Vincent is unseated. Bad luck! Fortunately, he’s not hurt, just damp!

vincent has fallen off into the water jump

So, let’s see how Micro does – the bars, the hedge, now, the water…

Micro rides a toy unicorn to the first jump

Micro rides to the hedge

Micro approaches the water jump

He’s clear! Well done Micro!

the unicorn has landed safely with Micro still on board

Micro is very pleased, his mount can have a nice juicy apple as a reward! Oh, hello Nano, are you going to have a go?

Micro gives his unicorn a green apple

Micro talks to Nano

Oh no! Says Nano. This horse is as exciting as I want to be!

nano is sitting on a little wooden rocking horse

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