Vincent peers over the edge of the board, still lying down

You join us back at the pool today, for the high diving. Vincent is going first, up he goes!

vincent looks up at a high diving board over a pool

Vincent is up at the top of the ladder

Hmm, I don’t think Vincent looks all that confident about being up there…

vincent is halfway along the board, lying downVincent peers over the edge of the board, still lying down

It is VERY high!

we see vincent lying on the board from above, looking down at the pool

Ah, he’s thought better of it!

vincent has headed back to the ladder without diving


I wonder if Microvaark will do better? Well, he seems more confident.

Microvaark has climbed up to the board watched by vincentmicro is half way along the boardMicro is at the end of the board

Goodness, he is confident, he’s going to go off backwards!

Micro is right at the end of the board, facing backwards

We see micro on the end of the board, from below

And off he goes, with a great spring upwards!

Micro has jumped up and is above the board

Goodness me, a somersault! Look at him twist in the air!

Micro is upside down above the board

micro is right way up below the board

micro is upside down just above the water

And then he stretches out for a lovely clean entry!

Micro’s snozzle is stretched out towards the water

Micro enters the water with a ripple

Well done Micro! So brave and skillful! Vincent is very impressed.

Micro peeks out over the edge of the pool as vincent looks on


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