A soggy slalom!

Nano has a tiny canoe and paddle and wears an orange lifejacket

You join us today at the white water course, where Nano is going to do some canoe slalom! He’s all sorted with a canoe, paddle and lifejacket.

Arnold and Ratvaark and Nano stand beside a course of rough water with slalom poles hanging over it

Nano has a tiny canoe and paddle and wears an orange lifejacket

Off he goes! He has to paddle between the poles, and the water is quite rough!

Nano is paddling the canoe between the poles

Ooh, he’s had to turn quite hard to get through the next gate.

Nano is turned almost sideways in the water

Oh, it’s getting very rough down by this last gate….!

the canoe is pitched forward in the water

He’s capsized! Oh no!

the canoe is upside down, and Arnold’s ears fly up in shock

Arnold, I can’t see Nano! Where’s Nano!

Ratvaark and Arnold look into the water where the canoe is drifting away

PHEW! He’s there look, he’s bobbed up to the surface, thank goodness for his lifejacket!

Nano is floating in the water

There, Arnold has thrown the life ring in and pulled Nano out and he’s fine!

Arnold throws a lifebelt into the water

Nano is pulled out onto the bank

Right then, Arnold is off the bottom of the course to fish the canoe out!

Arnold sets off carrying a large fishing net

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