Up and over!

Micro starts to run up

So we’re doing jumping sports today! First of all, Winston is having a go at the high jump.

winston stands looking at a high jump pole set up, with a crash mat

He’s running up….

winston is nearly at the jump

And HUP! What an excellent Fosbury Flop! Well done Winston!

Winston does a fosbury flop over the barWinston has landed on the crash mat

Oh, hello, Micro is going to have a go! Winston’s really not sure how he’s going to do it…

Micro stands looking at the jump

Micro starts to run up

Oh Micro! I think that’s cheating!

micro climbs a small step ladder to reach the bar

Well, says Micro, I am at a bit of a disadvantage!

Micro looks down on Winston from the top of the bar

Hello Ernest, what’s that pole for? Ah, of course, the pole vault!

ernest has a long pole

ernest looks at at high pole vault jump

Here he goes, running up and planting the pole….

ernest starts towards the jump

ernest plants the pole in the pit just ahead of the crash mat

And up he goes! Goodness that’s high!

Ernest is at the top of the curve, about to pass over the bar

And he’s over safely! Well done Ernest!

ernest lands on the crashmat

ernest takes a bow

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