How far can you throw?

Esther throws her javelin

Some throwing sports today. First of all the javelin. Arnold is going to do the measuring, so he’s wearing his helmet, just in case.

Ernest, Hypno and Esther have lined up with javelins. Arnold has a tape measure

Esther throws first, then Hypno. And then it’s Ernest’s turn, he’s got a very good technique!

Esther throws her javelin


Hypno throws his javelinErnest throws, using his long snozzle

Right Ernest, you hold the end of the tape…

Ernest holds the tape on the ground while Arnold unrolls it

The red javelin is the winner! Well done Ernest!

Arnold checks the distance the javelins have flown, and the one with a red handle has won

Next, hammer throwing. *sigh* No Fury, not that hammer!

Fury talks to ofelia, she has her big hammer with her

Ofelia shows her the proper hammer. Now. Stand back!

ofelia has a throwing hammer looped over her snozzle

Now, see how she spins round with the hammer!

ofelia faces left

ofelia faces to the back

ofelia faces right

And throw!

Ofelia is stretched out, and the hammer is thrownGood throw! But all that spinning has made her dizzy!

Ofelia lies across the throwing circle, flopped on the grassNext it’s… Oh Bernard. What’s that, you’re hear for the debate? No. It was going to be discus. Not Discuss! Never mind, we’ve had plenty of fun.

Bernard has arrived with a clip board and briefcase


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