Time to close.

Arnold looks up at the flaming cauldron, which is out of reach

Well, now that the Olympics are over, the last thing to do is extinguish our Olympic flame.

the vaarks are gathered in front of the plinth with the olympic cauldron on top

Arnold, will you do the honours please?

Ratvaark talks to Arnold who has his fire extinguisher

Ah. Remember we couldn’t reach to light it? Well, Arnold has the same problem. But he thinks he’s got a solution.

Arnold looks up at the flaming cauldron, which is out of reach

Arnold talks to ratvaark and fury

Oh, a fire hose and hydrant! Yes, well, that should do it. Just unroll it carefully….

Arnold has a red American fire hydrant, and a long reel of hose with brass fittings on each endArnold starts to unroll the hose

Um, are you alright there Arnold? Need any help?

Arnold is all tangled up in the hose

There, that’s sorted. Now aim at the cauldron, and… oh! It’s just gone out before Arnold turned the hose on!

Arnold points the hose at the cauldron

the flame has gone out of it’s own accord

Oh, it’s Fury! What’s that? Oh, I see. You just turned the gas off at the valve. Very clever!

Fury emerges from behind the plinth with a spanner

And so, we… Nano? What ARE you doing?

Ratvaark looks at Nano who is sticking his nose into the end of the hose

Oh very good! You’re pretending to be Ernest! Ha ha! Very funny!

Nano is wearing the tangled up hose to look like Ernest’s long snozzle. Ernest looks on, waving his snozzle

Anyway, as I was saying. Now we bring our Olympics to a close. We hope you enjoyed it and maybe you will have a go at a bit of sport yourselves!

The vaarks are gathered in front of the extinguished cauldron

Well, I better dismantle the plinth. I’ll take these back to where I found them!

Ratvaark stands in front of the plinth

with the covering removed, it is revealed as two toilet rolls stack one on top of the other

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