Lighting up the Philippines

In the Philippines, in the city of San Fernando, they celebrate with a festival of lanterns. So, we are going to have a go at making a lantern of our own.

Ratvaark, Esther and Fury are gathered, with a pile of craft items, including sticks, coloured film, glittery thread, glue and scissors.

Esther is gluing the frame together while Fury cuts out the coloured acetate

Fury is cutting shapes out of the coloured film.

And as Fury’s a dab hand at the technical side of things, she’s sorting out a light in the handle.

Fury looks at a button battery and wire taped to the bottom of the handle

There! With some shiny ribbon and tassels, it’s all done. Isn’t it cheerful!

Esther and Fury admire their lantern, a star with coloured points, silver tassels and a light behind it.

And appropriately, today’s picture is a shining star!

Esther and Fury look up at a picture of a star behind a door on the calendar.

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