Shoes for Sinterklass

In the Netherlands, children hope to get gifts from Sinterklass, or St Nicholas. On St Nicholas’ Eve, the 5th of December, they leave shoes out to be filled with gifts. Well, there’s a problem. We haven’t got any shoes!

Bernard, Vincent and Ratvaark are conferring

Peggy says we can borrow her Irish dancing shoes. Well, it’s nice of her, but, they are quite small. Not much room for presents!

Peggy, in her Irish dancing dress, is offering one of her tiny shoes to the vaarks

Vincent had an idea and went off to the humans’ bedroom, where he’s found a nice big shoe to ‘borrow’. Much better. But I’ve got an idea now…

Peggy and the vaarks look at a human sized trainer

Yes! I think this will hold enough presents, don’t you?

Peggy and the vaarks look up at a knee length human boot

What’s the picture then Vincent? Ah, a shiny horn to blow. Toot toot!

Vincent looks at a picture of a hunting horn on the calendar.

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