Japanese cuisine?

Ofelia has heard that we’re looking at Japan today, so she’s put on her costume and brought a bowl, hoping there might be some Japanese food. Noodles, maybe?

Ratvaark looks at Ofelia who is wearing a Japanese dress and hairdo, and has a bowl with chopsticks.

Well, here’s the funny thing Ofelia. In Japan they have a tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas lunch!

Ratvaark and Ofelia look at a bucket of KFC chicken pieces, and a paper cup of Pepsi.

Well, it’s a popular tradition with us! Tuck in everyone, there’s lots to go round!

All the vaarks gather around the bucket of chicken

Ernest especially likes a fizzy drink, even though the bubbles make his snozzle tickle!

Ernest has extended hi long snozzle to reach up to the straw in the drink.

Well, Ofelia is happy enough to enjoy a bit of junk food as a treat. And she’s found a little picture of Father Christmas on the calendar.

Ofelia looks at the calendar window, with a picture of Father Christmas.

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