A crafty cat!

Oh look, Peggy is knitting Winston a new jumper for Christmas. That reminds me of a traditional story from Iceland….

Winston looks at Peggy who is knitting a patterned sweater

The story goes that a big black cat, the Yule Cat, prowls the country, and eats anyone who hasn’t got a new sweater for Christmas!

Ratvaark looks over Winston to see a big black cat prowling behind.

Oh, Peggy, I think you need to knit faster!

Ratvaark looks at Peggy knitting, as the cat prowls in the background

Wow, look how fast she’s knitting, there’s smoke coming from her needles!

Wisps of smoke come up from Peggy’s hands holding the knitting

Phew! All finished. Well done Peggy, Winston is safe!

Ratvaark looks at Winston, who is wearing his finished sweater

What’s the picture then Peggy? Oh, lovely, a shining candle.

Peggy looks at a picture of a candle on the calendar

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