Well, where are we today then? Here’s a bench and a big dish of smoldering logs. Ah, it’s Finland, where they like to have a sauna at Christmas. And they must leave it warm, for the elves to use!

A scene with a low bench, and a foil dish with logs in it

Bernard and Dim are sitting on the bench, wearing towels round their waists

Time to put a little water on the coals, Bernard, let’s get some steam going.

A wisp of steam comes up from the coals, as some water is poured on from a jug.

Wow, it’s really getting steamy now!

The steam has risen to obscure half the picture

Well, I think that’s quite enough steam you two!

Steam completely covers the scene.

Well, Bernard, now you’re dried off, what can you see? Ah, a lovely angel.

Bernard looks up at a picture of an angel.

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