A merry time!

We are a bit further afield today, in Martinique! Traditionally people gather at each other’s houses in the weeks before Christmas, to sing Creole Christmas songs and. enjoy drinks like rum punch. So Bernard has made a nice bowl of punch.

Bernard is wearing a bright Caribbean shirt and has a table set with bottles and a punchbowl.

To get a real Caribbean atmosphere, he’s invited the steel band along too!

Dim, Ernest and Vincent are lined up with steel drums

Peggy says the rum punch is quite delicious!

Peggy reaches for a glass of punch

Oh dear Peggy, are you quite alright?

Peggy starts to lean over in front of the table

Oh dear! I think maybe Bernard made that rum punch a little bit too strong! Peggy is out like a light! Better let her sober up quietly.

Peggy has fallen over and is lying with her feet in the air.

While she sleeps it off, what can you see Gino? A toy car!

Gino looks at a picture of a toy car on the calendar.

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